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Alright…so here it is, another season of college football is underway and you know you’re gonna be watching. And if you’re gonna be watching, why not make it more interesting? Every year you sit back and as soon as the clock hits 0:00 you think to yourself, “…I wish I would’ve trusted myself and got involved with that game…” Well second guess no more, ’cause College Chill is here to make it all better and provide you with that little extra assurance you need!

For over 20 years College Chill has been in the game, and during that time he’s seen and done it all in respect to college football…like any true analyst and handicapper, he’s had his ups, and he’s also had his downs, but what differs him from anyone else is how he’s weathered the storm. Most handicappers only tell you about the good times and cite feedback from the people who win, but that’s not what College Chill is about. College Chill is about quality information that you can take to the bank. If you logged on looking for over 30 picks for a Saturday, you’re in the wrong place, cause anyone who will claim they have over 30 “locks” for any given Saturday is a fugazi…coming from the environment where College Chill was born and raised, your word was what made you, anything else is just conversation!

Last year, College Chill’s winning percentage was well over the .600 mark, and all of the information he provided was documented on a nationally broadcasted radio show. So if you’re still wondering if College Chill is the real deal, forget about it – he is!

College Chill does his homework and only puts his stamp of approval on what he knows: this way, when you log on and visit, you save time in knowing that what is provided is sound, quality information. Week in and week out, you will be provided with the cutting edge of sound college football information. This way, when you wake up on Saturday morning after a long Friday night, you can trust that the homework is complete, College Chill took care of you.

So people, jump in, the water is warm and college football is upon us! Tell your crew and tell every other college football fan you know that you found the site that tops all the rest…this way come Monday when you’re sitting pretty and deciding how to spend your winnings you can tell everyone what College Chill always says: “I don’t like it, I love it!”

Thanks for visiting the site, and spread the word: College Chill is here, and he’s here to stay!


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